Mr. Booth Photo Experiences

Planning a Corporate Event Photobooth?

Are you  planning a corporate event? 

Do you have the dauting task of planning  a corporate event?   Mr Booth Photo Experiences has eveything and anything you could ever want in the corporate photo entertainment world.  We help promote your company’s brand identity while creating a friendly atmosphere  your staff and your clients will enjoy.   At Mr Booth we have focused on  providing seamless corporate activations and our amazing clients such as L’Oreal and Imax have trusted us to rock their events. 


We Make Our Photo Booths look like Your Photobooths!

Our Corporate  Photo Booth Experiences can be branded in many unique ways. Mr Booth is there promoting your company , not ours… that’s just cheesy. How do we do this ? With a long list of customizable options.

  • Branded  Microsite 
  • Branded Images and Prints
  • Custom Printed Branded Backdrop
  • Custom Branded Props
  • Branded 360 Video Experiences 
  • Branded Boomerangs 
  • Branded Touchscreens


Photobooths are Marketing Machines !

Our photo booths  are great way for your team to loosen up and get mixing at  staff party, holiday mixer, client appreciation or team building event.  They also  increase your social  visibility.  Our photo booths are online social  marketing machines !   When your guests take pictures and share them online we can capture the data and see the social reach. Get your sales team busy as you’ll have all your guests emails contacts  in one place to retarget market them.


Photobooth options

Your corporate photobooth event night can be customized inside and out.  First off, you can chose any of our awesome  backdrops. Second …Look Below at our cool interactive slide decks. Once you find something your interstested in Ask us for a quote.

Corpo Info Pack by Greg Buck